Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 1 of my Reflective Experiment

Okay, so if you missed my last post (all 4 of you readers out there) I mentioned that for every day during the next week I was going to post at least one blessing or insight that I have received because of my trial with infertility.
So here is day 1:
I think one thing that has been a major blessing in my life (in regards to not yet having children) is the time that I have had with Clinton--as just a couple. Although we are both more than ready for children to come at anytime, we have both been able (for the most part) to enjoy just being the two of us. It is still really nice to sleep in or drop everything and go get some ice cream or go see a movie. It has also been especially nice to not have the extra responsibility and (dare I say) strain of having a child to take care of while we learn to take care of our marriage. Yes, I know that couples are successful in learning how to deal with each others annoyances while raising children, but in retrospect, it has been quite nice to work out our differences without the addition of a screaming baby in the background. I feel like I am in a much better place, maturity-wise and in my relationship with my husband, than I was 3+ years ago when we first started trying to conceive. I'm sure I have a lot more growing to do, but now I feel much more prepared and a fair bit wiser, too. I feel like our home will be a wonderful place for a baby to come, not that it wouldn't have been 3+ years ago, just better.
It has been such a blessing to have one-on-one time with Clinton for these 5.5 years we've been married. It has been fun to look back and see how much we have grown both individually and as a couple. I am thankful that I was not asked by Father to bear the burden of never being married. I at least have a wonderful spouse who is so supportive of me and is there to give me a hug whenever I need one. I love him so much! Although I look forward with great anticipation to the day that he becomes a daddy, right now I can enjoy and be thankful for each and every day that I have him all to myself! What a blessing!!!


Carrie said...

Thanks Dani. I needed that!

Katie said...

I agree. Husbands are the best.

The Woolner Family said...

I'm going to use your blog for a little post. Maybe it will help you. It's nice to vent. So, I'm totally cool with my infertility and usually I laugh at and pity ignorant people and their tactless comments. But the other night we are at a friend of Chad's house. His wife is what I would call a "Debbie Downer". I tried to have a conversation with her, but it was like pulling teeth and EVERY topic (kids, house, weather, Church, work, the water, yards, dessert, travel) had a "downer" response. It was ridiculous. So, my patience with her had run to thin to non existent. She is really just a silly idiot who got married young with no real concept of what a marriage meant and is now bitter and resentful. So, when she said she was so tired and her kids made her so and that I didn't even know where she was coming from because I didn't have to do 9 months prior of tiredness I wanted to scratch her in the face over and over again. I was about to let her have an earful because she had NO IDEA. But I was the better person.