Sunday, November 23, 2008


In Relief Society today the lesson was on the talk that President Monson just gave titled, "Joy in the Journey!" The teacher handed out little quotes to each person in the class and referred to them as our fortune cookie. I glanced at it and then became distracted by other things in the room. She began her lesson and asked us to ponder the message on our fortune. I finally looked down and began to read my message. It was like I was the only one in the room with God and he was speaking directly to me. The message on my fortune was this:

Attitude is an important part of the foundation upon which we build a productive life. In appraising our present attitude, we might ask: "Am I working to become my best self? Do I set worthy and attainable goals? Do I look toward the positive in life? Am I alert to ways that I can render more and better service? Am I doing more than is required of me?"
Remember, a good attitude produces good results, a fair attitude fair results, a poor attitude poor results. We each shape our own life, and the shape of it is determined largely by our attitude. (Ensign, May 1981, p.86, M. Russell Ballard)

I am in the refiners fire. An ugly piece of rock does not become beautiful or reach its fullest potential without having to go through the refiners fire. It is during that painful process that positive changes happen. There are times that I feel like the fire is too hot and I want out but it is during those times that a quick splash of refreshment is sent to comfort and remind me of why I'm in that fire in the first place--to be perfected. I'm sure there are other possible ways the Lord could go about perfecting me, but at this time he has asked me to bear the trial of infertility. It is very difficult and at times very uncomfortable, but this is the outlet the Lord has chosen in which to refine me. This is my fire and He is my refiner. What comfort I receive in knowing that He is directing my life! He knows what I need to go through, what struggles I need to face in order to become the absolute best I can become. He knows!
I have no control over this part of my life and I have no idea how long I will be asked to bear this burden (I hope not much longer), but I do have complete control over my attitude. It is my positive attitude that helps me to be in tune with His spirit and provides me these moments of insight where I feel encouraged and uplifted--like I can go one a little while longer.
I am grateful for my trials in the fact that they bring me closer to my father in heaven. I need to show him my gratitude by having a positive attitude. So, my challenge for this next week is to look on the bright side of things. Each day I am going to post at least one thing that I have learned or list a blessing I have received because of this trial. There is so much to be thankful for and I am going to work hard to be more aware of my many blessings!!

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Katie said...

It's funny how Heavenly Father gives us random and unique guidance! How neat to have received that little fortune just for you. Thanks for sharing it too. I can honestly say that I needed to hear that message this morning.